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Optimize Your B2B eCommerce Operations with Webelocity's Quality Assurance and Automation Workflows

We ensure high-quality performance, reliability and consistency across your eCommerce store
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Our Webelocity QA Experts Handle and Prevent any eCommerce Issue

UX & customer journey

Issues with online payment processing
Add to cart functionality malfunctioning
Orders not being processed properly
Checkout page not functioning correctly
Transactions not completing successfully
Slow page load times
Problems with product filtering and organization

Security & authentication

Problems with secure login
HTTPS not working
Vulnerabilities to SQL attacks
Security settings not properly configured
Threats from cross-site scripting
Weaknesses in object reference
Invalidated redirects and page forwarding

UI & content

Inconsistencies in text and/or layout display
Misalignment of UI elements
Incompatibility across devices and browsers
Unresponsive links
Visibility of demo content
Non-localized content
Missing or broken images

Our eCommerce QA Competencies

Our highly trained and skilled Quality Assurance specialist gives you confidence about your eCommerce store efficiency
Cross-browser/device testing
Cross-browser/device individual and multiple feature testing, both manually and  automated scenarios
Testing crucial user journeys
Creation and execution of critical user journey tests before and after releases
Improvement of test scenarios
Drafting testing scenarios for your eCommerce modules in line with the specified needs
Features for user manuals
Developing how-to manuals for your eCommerce features
QA automation
Trigger faster time to market and higher ROI due to streamlined QA automation

Let’s talk about your QA and automation needs

Webelocity's eCommerce Quality Automation

We blend thorough manual testing and proven automation
techniques for optimal results in our workflow.

How QA automation works

QA Automation's Benefits for
eCommerce Projects

Guaranteed stability

Smoke and regression tests ensure that a build is stable and that all critical features are operational

Increased ROI

Automating and repurposing tests reduces maintenance resources and drives cost savings

Reduced human error

Potential error elimination, particularly for complex user scenarios.

Faster feedback cycle

Early bug detection allows for faster launch of new features and time to market.

Customization and reusability

Template scenarios can be customized and applied to a variety of projects

Comprehensive insights

Test scope for real-world scenarios, such as thousands of users engaging with an eCommerce app/website, etc.

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