Embracing Digital Change: Discover B2B eCommerce Success Stories 

Welcome to our case study page! Here, we showcase some B2B eCommerce companies that experienced digital transformation success.

Launching a successful eCommerce website requires experienced leadership,
and B2B companies need to hire the right people in the right roles. Discover how these companies enjoy digital transformation.

Case studies

Petra Industries

As the retail industry undergoes a digital transformation, Petra Industries - a leading electronics distributor, is a prime example of adapting and embracing new technologies to remain competitive.

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Beckman Coulter

As the healthcare industry evolves, Beckman Coulter transformed its business model for the digital age and modernized their operations.

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New trends, technologies, and customer demands are constantly emerging; explore how Diversified recognized and transformed to B2B eCommerce to remain ahead of the competition.

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Illumina, a leading provider of genetic sequencing and analysis solutions, seized the opportunity to transform its business for the digital age by embracing B2B eCommerce transformation.

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Kaia Naturals

Kaia Naturals, a prominent Canadian company headquartered in Toronto, stands as a beacon of commitment to producing top-tier beauty products adhering to the highest quality and purity standards.

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