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Maximize Your Potential with an Online Store Packed with Features
Boost your DTC eCommerce game with an online platform built for growth
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eCommerce experience

Simplify the Journey and Eliminate Hurdles to Growth

We streamline e-commerce solution discovery, integration, and implementation using top platforms. We encourage clients to adopt a customer-centric approach and optimize processes for growth.
PWA & microservice architecture

Creating an Exceptional User Experience: The Key to a Successful eCommerce
Online Store

Headless and microservices architecture is crucial for future eCommerce. It offers platform versatility, enhanced performance, and a better customer experience. Our experts can guide you in creating a seamless microservices architecture for scalability and future-proofing.
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Headless eCommerce

Speed ​​and Flexibility for Success

Experience superior agility and customization with our Headless eCommerce Solution. Designed for D2C brands, our platform combines speed, flexibility, and seamless updates to deliver unique shopping experiences.
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Product Information Management

Optimize Productivity by Taking Control of Your Product Information

Maximize your product catalogue potential. Our specialist design tailored roadmaps and leverage PIMs for a better product experience. Effortlessly share product information across teams, platforms, marketplaces, and clients with the right integrations, workflows, and structure.
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APIs & System Integration

The Key to a Thriving eCommerce Ecosystem: Flexible API Integrations

At Webelocity, we firmly believe utilizing top-notch technology is crucial for fulfilling our client's requirements. Our squad of architects and developers expertly leverage APIs to craft innovative connections that fit our client's current systems. The result? A seamless and secure data flow that guarantees reliability, real-time accuracy, and minimal risk for an optimal e-commerce ecosystem.
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Cloud infrastructure & hosting

Flexible & Scalable Solutions for Better Performance

We partner with all leading cloud providers to create customized cloud environments that perfectly fit our client's needs. The foundation of outstanding performance lies in having the right tools in place within the cloud ecosystem.
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Our Expertise in Magento across Industries Helps Businesses Thrive Using this Platform

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Magento expertise

Our support model and forensic approach deliver solutions that quickly boost conversion rates, drive sales growth, and retain customers.

Our tried-and-true approach delivers results.

Through our dedicated support model and forensic approach, we have developed solutions that quickly boost conversion rates, drive sales growth, and retain customers.

All-in-one service

Our team provides proactive support and monitoring for your platform and fast, secure, and reliable Magento hosting.

Who do we work with

We serve startups and small to medium-sized businesses in food, beverage, and retail, located in Ontario.
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