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Make Your Website Work for You Not the Other Way Around

Integrations coordinate and create bidirectional flows of data between your website and third-party systems and applications.
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Elevate Your Online Presence with Customized Integration Services

Our integration services use tailored tools and technologies to seamlessly translate your brand's digital vision into high-performing websites and applications, combining design and functionality.

We Excel at Developing Streamlined Digital Solutions

At Webelocity, our design and development teams work closely together to ensure a comprehensive execution of a project's vision, resulting in complete and effective digital solutions that meet your needs.

Eliminate Redundancy and Save Time Using Integration

Connect your website to third-party tools to enhance services, simplify processes, and add customization. Sustain scalable growth with a website that operates directly with your toolkit.

CRM Integration

Facilitate a seamless flow of customer data.
Rely on complete and accurate data to understand your customers and enhance their experience.
Improve customer retention through personalized messages and better upselling techniques.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) & Inventory Management Integration

Get accurate forecasting and eliminate stockouts and overstocks
Boost profits by identifying slow-moving items that require discounts and high-selling items that need price increases.
Streamline processes by retrieving items easily from the warehouse and eliminating redundancies.

Payment Gateways

Ensure secure transactions with trusted payment gateways. Improve speed, and stay open 24/7 with a shopping cart that easily calculates costs and shipping charges.

Accounting Software

Integrate website with cloud-based accounting software for improved processes and growth. Gain real-time financial insights to maximize ROI. Reduce human errors and save time through automatic order and refund processing.

Shipping and Delivery

Build trust through real-time tracking updates. Simplify delivery with secure shipping and accurate costs. Automatically print shipping labels with each incoming order.


For all integrations outside of the box, our developers can utilize reliable APIs to integrate any software and build solutions tailored to suit your needs.


Easily manage and contact new leads and customers.
Automatically create and track calendar events.
Consolidate information in a spreadsheet or database.
Streamline your social media.
Transform a variety of processes.

Why Choose Webelocity’s Integration Services?

At Webelocity, our designers and developers operate as a cohesive team to recognize any areas that require further attention or potential issues that should be addressed with the client.
This method guarantees that errors or defects are identified and rectified early in the project timeline.
By fostering collaboration between designers and developers, we enhance their abilities and communication, leading to a superior final product and exceptional experience for you and your users.
Our services go beyond typical integration solutions to help businesses accelerate growth and disruption through digital transformation and powerful analytics.
We excel in web app integration and related capabilities and offer innovative solutions to meet the futuristic data-driven needs of our clients.

Not Sure What You Need?

Our expert website integration consultants are ready to help. Click the button below to submit your request for a FREE integration consultation.