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Boost Your Revenue and ROI with Conversion Strategies and UX Solutions across all eCommerce Channels

Our comprehensive range of eCommerce UX and CRO services and solutions optimize user journey and improve customer experience.

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Webelocity's eCommerce CRO and UX Services

Optimizing the user journey

Continuous customer experience optimization
Improving checkout process
eCommerce benchmarking
Gathering user feedback and insights
Revising customer journey
Validating CRO hypotheses
Creating user personas
Analyzing quantitative data
Conducting A/B testing

UX audits & research

User experience audit and examination
Evaluating accessibility
Creating UX maps
Reviewing sitemap and information architecture
Validating UX hypotheses
Creating wireframes
Conducting user testing
Performing A/B testing

Design & creative

Prioritizing mobile-friendly and responsive design
Designing PWA and Magento platforms
Creating visual prototypes
Testing the effectiveness of interactive prototypes
Updating navigation menus
Creating style guides and specifications
Developing pattern libraries and design systems
Conducting A/B testing

Maximize Your CRO Success with Improved Website UX Design

The Benefits of Improved Website UX Design in CRO:
Aligns website design with business goals
Helps to understand customers better
Leads to outranking competition
Avoids random and unnecessary experiments
Provides additional validation through A/B testing
Improves user satisfaction and overall experience
Supports decision-making with data-driven insight

Why Hire Webelocity for eCommerce UX & CRO Services

Market research & eCommerce benchmarking

Analyzing market trends, comparing to niche and industry competitors, and gathering insights on design, features, customer experience, etc.

UX & CRO research

Conducting in-depth qualitative and quantitative data analysis to create customer personas, revealing weaknesses and opportunities for improvement in customer journeys

Wireframes development

Designing conversion-focused wireframes based on the UX and CRO audit findings, including layout, content, and functionality definition

Gap analysis & user tests

Conducting user tests to evaluate the effectiveness of UX and CRO hypotheses, eliminating potential risks and gathering feedback. Incorporating updates

Iteration & validation

Creating final designs, including a pattern library of user interface design elements, a cohesive visual structure for the project, and source files optimized for both mobile and desktop

Our CRO & UX Methodology

We follow  a step-by-step methodology for a design centred on customer experience and tailor it to our clients' specific goals, requirements and context
Business analytics
Design team
Each team is responsible for a specific phase of the process, with deliverables verified against requirements.
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Improve Your Website's CRO with Better UX Design

Benefits Include Aligning with Business Goals, Understanding Customers, Outranking Competition, Effective Testing, and Additional Validation.