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eCommerce Decisions
by Actionable Analytics

Efficiently pull valuable insights, enhance sales funnel performance and increase revenue with Webelocity eCommerce analytics experts
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Why Entrust Business Analytics to
a Dedicated Team?

Break free from routine eCommerce analytics and gain a competitive edge with dedicated analytics services.

Analyzing eCommerce data can be challenging, as it's difficult to interpret multiple statistics and figures from various sources to make informed data-driven decisions.
At Webelocity, our dedicated analytics team provides prompt, meaningful, actionable insights for quick wins or long-term planning.

5  Business Challenges

The dedicated analytics team can tackle them immediately

Identifying obstacles in the sales process.
Determining causes of abandoned shopping carts and checkouts
Defining valid eCommerce KPIs.
Discovering correct data for making informed decisions.
Evaluation ROI of development changes

How will the
Webelocity Analytics Team Help You Stand Out?

Expert Analytics Services

Rely on our skilled analytics team to handle complex business analytics tasks.

Seamless integration with in-house development teams

Our eCommerce analysts will seamlessly merge with your internal development team

Extracting Valuable Insights Efficiently

Informed business decisions develop detailed processes.

Developing action plans for both short-term and long-term goals

Get a comprehensive action plan to achieve quick wins and enhance overall performance over time

Webelocity Provides Dedicated Analytics Services

We provide all-around and efficient business analytics services, with a focus on precision - from data audit, optimizing sales funnels, and integration to tailored analytics solutions.

Auditing Analytics

In-depth auditing of Google Analytics and health check
Reviewing data layer and Google Tag Manager
Auditing transaction tracking coverage
Preparing an analytics audit report
Implementing improvements based on the findings of the audit
Assessing the accuracy of marketing platforms tracking such as Google Ads tracking, affiliate marketing tracking, etc.

Analytics execution, installation, migration, and fine-tuning

Implementation of eCommerce dataLayer
Setting up marketing scripts and tracking events for tag managers (such as Google Tag Manager)
Customizing and configuring analytics platforms (such as Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics)
Tracking of shopping behaviour funnels and checkout steps
Advanced segmentation of user flow
Developing a plan for migrating tracking scripts

Elimination of inconsistent data

Detecting any tracking code's technical implementation issues
Analyzing the shopping funnel and identifying key drop-off points
Validating of dataLayer input and output data

APIs setup and integration

Implementing conversion APIs
Tracking Google Ads conversions and setting up dynamic remarketing
Tracking affiliate platforms conversions such as CJ Affiliate, ShareASale, Rakuten, etc
Implementing conversion tracking and dynamic remarketing for ad platforms such as Google Ads, Microsoft Ads

BI, KPI dashboards & reporting automation

Automating advanced reporting and creating BI dashboards
Real-time performance monitoring and alerts
Creating custom dashboards with data from multiple sources
Analyzing eCommerce store performance and providing recommendations for improvement
Studying retention patterns and creating models
Launch monitoring
Examining product performance and identifying purchasing trends
Customers segmentation

Data warehousing

Defining company data needs through collaboration with stakeholders to determine project objectives and deliverables
Establishing data sources, necessary tools, and corresponding table schemas
Configuration of tools and pipelines (e.g. Fivetran, Segment, Zapier, etc.)
Setup of data warehousing systems (e.g. BigQuery, RedShift, Snowflake, etc.) and performing quality assurance
Linking data from diverse sources to gain a comprehensive view
Transforming data through filtering, splitting, merging, enriching, and eliminating duplicates (using tools such as Metillion, DBT, dataform, etc.)
Implementing business intelligence tools for data visualization and analysis

Get Actionable Insights for Data-Driven Decisions by Partnering with Webelocity, the eCommerce Experts

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