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Agile eCommerce Project Management and Delivery for Comprehensive

From concept to launch, we take care of everything
for a seamless eCommerce experience

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Our PM and BA team fully oversee every aspect of your project
from start to finish.

George Ibrahim / Project Management Team Lead

An Overview of Webelocity's Project
Management Methodology

Project discovery

We begin by outlining the full scope of your eCommerce project, carefully mapping out the technical details to ensure a smooth and successful delivery with a focus on driving conversions

Requirement gathering

Subsequently, we establish the specific objectives of your project and devise a course of action to accomplish them

Interviewing the stakeholders

Customer Surveys
One-on-one meetings
Brainstorming sessions
Document Analysis
Process diagramming

Documenting the requirements

Collected information analysis
Categorizing business and technology requirements
Structuring the requirements in one consistent document

Aligning with the stakeholders

Establishing a common understanding of:
Project’s vision
Bussiness requirments

Choosing Solutions and Planning Delivery

Based on the project’s vision, milestones, and technical and business objectives, we decide on the most suitable technical solutions and develop a delivery strategy with precise deadlines.

User Acceptance Testing & Go-Live Checks

Preparation and running of UAT
(user acceptance testing)

Ensuring functionality aligns with business logic
Conducting thorough testing of all website elements (home page, product and category pages, checkout, shipping,  CMS, PIM, etc.
Introducing updates based on analyzed results.

Running go-live checks

Ensuring that:

Testing is completed and passed
All bugs are resolved
The production environment is operational
A Rollout plan is in place
Our support team is ready

Long-Term Delivery & Support

Uptime Monitoring

Guarantee optimal performance with our 24/7/365 support services

Sustainable growth

We will help you develop your strategic eCommerce roadmap

Monthly health-checks

We ensure your platform runs smoothly with all the latest updates and required patches with monthly tech audits and diagnostics.

Goals are reached

We will help you evolve your business using our expertise in SEO, UX, CRO, PPC and analytics

Your eCommerce success!

Get Your eCommerce Project Managed and Delivered with Webelocity

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